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Monday, February 04, 2008

Open government in the top 10 issues facing nation

Great to see that the announcement yesterday by the Prime Minister of the Australia 2020 Summit to help shape a long term strategy for the nation's future includes:

"The future of Australian governance: renewed democracy, a more open government (including the role of the media), the structure of the federation and the rights and responsibilities of citizens"
The details are in this media release.

This recognition of the importance of the issue, and the link between open government, citizen participation in government affairs, and making democracy work more effectively in all our interests, is a giant step forward from what we have heard from political leaders for years. Freedom of information is one element but the discussion clearly will involve a broader perspective on these related issues.

At his press conference yesterday, the Prime Minister said that submissions from the public are welcome, the summit will include some participants from the media as well as others, and will be fully open to media coverage.

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