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David Weisbrot AM, formerly President of the Australian Law Reform Commission (1999-2009):

Peter Timmins is Australia's foremost authority on the law, practice and culture surrounding Freedom of Information and Privacy. He not only has encyclopaedic knowledge of the intracacies of these complex areas of law, but also the subtle variations between and among the various jurisdictions, and the emerging international best practice.  While a True Believer in freedom of information and in open and transparent government, what sets Peter apart from all others in this field is his balance, maturity of judgment, and ability to bring to policymaking and consulting a practical understanding of the way government and industry operates.   Peter's blog, Open and Shut, should be the first port of call for anyone interested in these important issues.  

Matthew Moore, Freedom Of Information Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald

Peter Timmins is in a class of his own. No-one else comes close to tracking, understanding and explaining the complex and fast developing world of Freedom of Information. Whether it's happening internationally, in Canberra or in one of the Australian states, Timmins is across it and can explain it accurately and fairly. His blog is easily the most comprehensive, authoritative and informative source of news in this arena, indispensable for anyone who cares about the subject.

Rick Snell, senior lecturer in law, University of Tasmania

Peter Timmins has outstanding expertise in both access to information and privacy issues. In particular his long experience as a public servant and subsequently as a trainer and consultant gives him a very sophisticated understanding of the needs of government professionals dealing with information issues.  Open and Shut is where I go to when I want to know about what is happening on information issues in Australia.

On publication of the Independent Audit on the State Of Free Speech in Australia, John Hartigan then of Australia's Right to Know, and CEO of News Ltd, in January 2008 wrote:
"..thank you for your tremendous work on the... report... In particular I am grateful for your enormous wisdom and depth of knowledge about the complexities of our Freedom of Information laws.If anything this was the most crucial area of the audit report which benefited hugely from your contribution.I know other Chief Executives in the Right to Know coalition share my view that the report was thorough balanced and fair.We couldn't have asked more of you."

Bob Burton, freelance journalist and author of Inside Spin
Open and Shut is indispensable reading for anyone wanting inspiration or insight into how to best wangle information out of the filing cabinets and hard drives of government agencies and into the hands of those who paid for it - the public. For those wanting to keep track of moves to improve or degrade Freedom of Information laws in Australia, there is no better place to head to than Peter Timmins blog.