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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to us

February (and nearly 1000 posts later) marks the end of two years for this blog, so thanks to regular readers for your continuing interest, and hullo to those who stumble upon us from time to time. One of the amazing results of the exercise is the interest in developments in this part of the world shown by readers beyond our shores - the stats are that 12% are from the USA, with strong interest from the UK, Canada, New Zealand and others spread around the globe.


  1. Anonymous9:07 am

    Thanks Peter
    I've been checking your site every week for a year for work (CTH PS), and you've highlighted some good cases and helped show I'm not alone in my analysis of how 'strong' or 'political' a FOI decision could be perceived.

    I don't usually comment, but there are times I should have - eg to support Joan Savic's PSM - the Privacy Information Group at Centrelink (over 15 of them across Aust) have really helped raise the profile of privacy and how it is subtly different to 'client confidentiality', and also in promoting PIAs for new projects.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy Birthday. You deserve a medal for all your commitment and hard work.
    Your efforts are noticed and appreciated.
    Cheers - Jolanda