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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Privacy expert says access card dead in the water

Australian privacy expert and Chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation, Roger Clarke, made it pretty clear in a recent address to the AFR GovTech Conference in Canberra, that the National Access Card has all the hallmarks of a monumental failure and is going nowhere.

He says that the people around the Minister responsible realise it's an unmitigated disaster and have shunted it into a siding:
"The big Booz Allen Hamilton contract will be paid out. But the tenderers for the big contracts can pack up and go home now and the public servants can go hunting for their next jobs. That will save us as taxpayers, a cool billion dollars that would have been sadly wasted if the project had proceeded".
At least we can be confident we won't hear much about it (from the Government at least) with a Federal election only months away.

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