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Monday, August 13, 2007

Miracle - FOI shows UK hospital food worse than patients thought

Shock horror!

The worst nightmares of those in the UK about hospital food have some basis as a series of Freedom of Information applications have led to the release of alarming information about the hygiene standards in kitchens used to prepare food for hospital patients.

There are now calls in the UK for published ratings for hospital canteens in addition to those already made available in many local council areas on restaurants.

Meanwhile in NSW the Government initiative to make information publicly available about food hygiene standards in restaurants, has got to the stage where there is now a register of convictions (the only conviction since 1 July, is for a restaurant that breached the law selling dodgy scotch whisky), and plans for a mid August meeting to discuss a database of council on the spot fines.

Maybe they need to include some stakeholders from the hospital system as well?

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