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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Federal ALP Platform released

The Federal Australian Labor Party platform adopted at its National Conference in April has been posted on the web. Chapter 11 "Reforming Government" includes policy on a wide range of issues concerning integrity and openness in government administration including use of public money for political advertising, the operations of Parliament, ministerial conduct, campaign finance and whistle blower protection.

On Freedom of Information the final version doesn't vary from the draft quoted here in May, but states:
  1. Labor will promote transparency and open government through improved freedom of information legislation. Conclusive certificates will be abolished and internal working documents that do not compromise national security will be accessible. Reports on the operation of government and government-funded agencies will be regularly tabled in parliament.

  2. Freedom of information provisions should be available to all. Labor will ensure that the costs involved in using freedom of information procedures do not put them out of reach of the community.

  3. Labor will ensure that considerations relating to outsourcing, privatisation, notions of commercial confidentiality and corporatisation are not used as excuses to allow government and government-funded agencies to escape the requirements of open government and accountability. The rights of clients and other recipients of such services, including rights to access to information, privacy, correction of inaccurate information and, where necessary, redress, will be maintained.

Coincidentally here is another report today about commitment to open government and accountability by US Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

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