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Friday, September 25, 2015

Right to Know Day 28 September 2015

Right to Know Day or Week is coming your way next week if you are in 40 countries around the world that celebrate it and here at least in NSW and Queensland thanks to information commissioners in both states.

Queensland's Right to Know Day theme this year is ’A right to information. Play your part.’ Yesterday Emeritus Professor Richard Mulgan  played his part delivering the Annual Solomon Lecture which I'll read with interest

In NSW the Information Commissioner announced a "proactive campaign to encourage public sector agencies, universities and regional councils to champion open government and spread the message of proactive release of information to their stakeholders and communities."

I'll be an interested listener at the “Switch on Open Government in NSW” event on 29 September, where a panel will "examine the barriers to information sharing and showcase tangible manifestations of Open Government in achieving better service delivery through information access, increased accountability, and increased citizen input to government service delivery and policy development."

Australia's efforts are not quite up there with the citizen centric celebration of Right to Know elsewhere but hey, small steps, long journey.

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