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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

What goes in Canberra on the OGP?

In an attempt to find out what is happening behind the stony wall around consideration of Open Government Partnership issues and the draft national action plan that Attorney General Brandis said in Senate estimates is "in development" I sent the following request to Attorney General's Department today. 

You can follow the bouncing ball at Rightoknow:
Dear Attorney-General's Department,

I am seeking access to the record of each of the inter agency meetings on the Open Government Partnership held on 17 July 2013, 29 October 2013, and 5 November 2013, dates meetings were held as indicated by Senator Brandis in Senate estimates, and of any subsequent  inter agency meeting or meetings.

Please treat this request for specific documents as an administrative access request of the kind suggested in guidance from the Office Of Australian Information Commissioner.

If you are unable to deal with the request in that way please treat
it as an application under the Freedom of Information Act.

If this proves necessary I seek waiver of any charges on public interest grounds, noting the announcement of the decision of intention to join the OGP in May 2013, the limited public references to the initiative in the period since, the potential for transparency and scrutiny to encourage efficient public administration, and if access is granted, the contribution disclosure of the records would make to informed public discussion about the way Australian democratic practices could be improved.

My address for the service of notices is this email address.

Thank you in anticipation.

Peter Timmins.

By the way anyone on the outside interested in the OGP who isn't on our invitation only Google List that encourages dialogue about the issue please contact me at

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