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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hold that bubbly-Honesty Oscars go elsewhere

Terrrific that Aussies Cate Blanchett, Catherine Martin and Beverley Dunn brought home gold.

The prizes went elsewhere at the Honesty Oscars "honoring creativity in global anti-corruption campaigning":

Best Visual Effects: the International Budget Partnership’s “Open Budget Survey 2012″ (Pfffffffffft! Australia is not among the 100 countries rated by OPB for Fiscal Transparency)

Best Activist in a Leading Role: Sely Martini deputy director of Indonesia’s anti-corruption watchdog group Indonesia Corruption Watch 

Best Activist Anthem:Dr. Sley and Da Green Soljas of Cameroon.

Best Director: Rakesh Rajani,Tanzanian civil-society leader (and member of the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee)

Best Picture: Open for Change for Open Development Explained

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