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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Civil society engagement in G20.. and OGP as well?

With the chair of the G20 coming our way in September, welcome news yesterday that the Government is establishing the Australian Civil Society 20 (C20) Steering Group:
The Australian Government is strongly committed to ensuring that G20 deliberations in Australia next year are fully informed by the expertise and knowledge of civil society....
This year, Rev Costello and the C20 Steering Group will be engaging with Australian civil society, working closely with their counterparts in the C20 during Russia’s presidency, and developing a process that will facilitate effective and productive engagement between civil society and G20 leaders in 2014. The C20 must be civil society-owned and civil society-led...
The Group of 13 from across the CSO spectrum will be chaired by Tim Costello and includes Greg Thompson of Transparency International Australia.

In the light of this initiative, more than interesting to see what emerges as government seeks to engage civil society in development of Australia's National Action Plan, required in connection with our application to join the Open Government Partnership. The C20 initiative is recognition that more than consultation as per usual is required to fully realise the benefits of partnership and engagement in these endeavours.

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