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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hatton hot to trot

Another ministerial resignation, in NSW, along with a couple of other scandals this week prompted former independent state MP John Hatton, who has a stellar reputation for integrity, to announce yesterday he would stand as a independent candidate for the Legislative Council. ''We live in a corrupt state,'' his media release stated. ''Open, accountable government, a level playing field for all business, freedom of information, ethical, impartial decision making in key areas simply does not exist in NSW,'' Hatton declared. 

This might be a little over the top. Freedom of information, read GIPA exists. It's true, the environment may not be conducive - never has - to open and accountable government, and the new law is yet to prove its worth. And culture change depends heavily on words and deeds through strong, clear, visible and ongoing leadership from all those at the top, encouraging professional public servants to recognise and act in the spirit and intent of the law.There's the rub.

The SMH reports Hatton, one of the three independents who shook up things up in NSW, including forcing a Royal Commission into police corruption, and FOI changes following the 1991 election, "has come out of retirement to tackle his old enemy. It's as if he can smell it." More details in Business Spectator include a blast for the Opposition and the ICAC.

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