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Monday, March 03, 2008

Queensland review for public discussion this week

The Solomon Review of the Queensland Freedom of Information Act will co host with the Australian Law Reform Commission a half day seminar on its Discussion Paper next Thursday from 1.30pm in Brisbane. Details are in this flyer. Michael McKinnon FOI Editor Channel 7 plans to tell what the Review should recommend, and Rick Snell of the University of Tasmania should have just about caught his breath after returning from the Carter Conference in Atlanta, will lead a broader discussion.

The Discussion Paper raises big picture issues about access to information policy and the law that underpins it in Queensland: it seeks to challenge "core legislative presumptions and current paradigms in the administration of FOI to shake out what matters most and what resonates best in the problem-solving puzzle". Big thinkers about fundamental "clean page" reform will be encouraged by the range of issues on the Review agenda and outlined in Chapter 8 of the Discussion Paper.

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