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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nick Xenophon has runs on the open transparent government board

Predicting the outcome of the Senate election is beyond me but apart from the Coaltion, Labor and The Greens, the Nick Xenophon Team is sure to be part of the new mix.

Senator Nick Xenophon has spoken up and often on open transparent government, whistleblower protection and other issues such as a national anti corruption commission, political donations, full timely disclosure of use of parliamentary entitlements....

He is one of the few parliamentarians to even mention the Open Government Partnership.

Here is what the NXT has to say prior to the election on Saturday:

(Responses awaited to questions asked/commitments sought by Accountability Roundtable, Transparency International Australia and Electronic Frontiers Australia)

We stand for:
Honest and accountable government
Looking after the national interest - not vested interests.

Our core focus is:
Predatory Gambling
Australian Made & Australian Jobs
Government & Corporate Accountability
"Every thing we do as a team is about ensuring governments are open, transparent and accountable. They should be there to serve us - not us to serve them. Corporations must accept the social contract they have with the community.

We want transparency and accountability in all walks of life. Politicians must be open and up front with the Australian people. And governments should deliver value-for-money for the services you deserve. Australians who speak out against corrupt practices deserve to be protected. Corporations - particularly multi-nationals - must pay their fair share of taxes."
Principles: Government Accountability
"Politicians must be open and up front with the Australian people. Government's primary role is to provide public infrastructure and services and to drive both national economic growth and personal growth. The public have the right to expect that governments will deliver services efficiently and fairly without unnecessary waste and duplication. Australians who speak out against corrupt practices deserve to be protected.

Examples of what needs to be done:
Establish a national anti-corruption commission
Ensure politician entitlements and claims are reported in a timely and transparent way
Put in place whistleblower legislation that protects the informant and compensates them for any loss of income due to their actions
Government services (federal, state, local) must be delivered quickly and efficiently and be fully accountable to the public
Review duplicated services at a federal, state and local government level and determine the most appropriate entity to deliver these services."

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