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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ACT FOI bill best of breed by far but will it fly?

Markus Mannheim in The Canberra Times recently drew attention to the Freedom of Information bill drafted by Shane Rattenbury, the sole Greens MLA in the ACT Labor-led government. 

Mannheim was right to suggest passage of the bill would make the territory the most transparent jurisdiction in Australia. The bill in its current form is not available and is still subject to negotiation with the Labor Party, but Mr Rattenbury tweeted that it is the draft tabled for consultation over 18 months ago with a few changes.

See my comments in February 2014 with a link to the bill as it stood at that time.

Now years in the making, can the bill get across the line?

 @smbounds @MarkusMannheim Exposure draft on ACT Leg Reg at Few changes since but basically same.

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