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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Journalists' union voices up-drop the plan to abolish Office of Australian Information Commissioner

The journalists union the MEAA is the latest voice urging the government to drop the plan, with the bill to achieve this doomed to fail in the Senate and the whole idea out of kilter with Prime Minister Turnbull's commitment to more open, transparent government. MEAA chief executive, Paul Murphy told Guardian Australia discussions should take place on how to improve the freedom of information system. Read Paul Farrell's report. 

Attorney General Brandis has told the world recently
"Never underestimate the importance of a change of leadership itself. Never underestimate the importance of the fact that there are no fewer than eight new faces around the cabinet table. So this is a very different government,"
In 2009 Senator Brandis said Freedom of Information is vital to ensure that government remains open, responsible and accountable for its decisions, adding :
 "the true measure of the openness and transparency of a government is found in its attitudes and actions when it comes to freedom of information."
Different faces at the cabinet table, different person in the chair, "very different government."

Attitudes dictate actions and actions speak louder than words.

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