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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OAIC-it ain't over until it's over

Thinking about the government's plans to abolish the OAIC and reorganise and reallocate functions, this is going to require substantial changes to legislation. The Senate is unlikely to be a pushover, but the power of the purse strings may be enough to trump all in the final analysis. 
Morning after update:
Commissioners' statement, listing some of the achievements, and resource limitations.
ITNews-"Commissioner disappointed" (that's putting it mildly, but yeah, me too.) 
The Guardian, earlier in the week: Ludwig-splitting watchdogs 'would shut the door on open government' (well it's certainly being pulled in that direction-tone at the top, mounting evidence of gaming by agencies, resource cutbacks, considering, reconsidering and keeping the Open Government Partnership at arm's length, now abolishing the leadership role and hitting FOI review applicants with $816 for their day in the AAT. Enough already! )
Nine News: "FOI change will favour spin doctors."
The Guardian: "Freedom of Information framework faces radical surgery."

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