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Monday, October 21, 2013

Allan Kessing's plight strikes a chord

Thank you to those who have contacted me over the last few days by phone and email - a selection below - offering help to Allan Kessing who lost his home last week in the bushfires.  

If you also are in a position to assist, please email me on or phone 02 83569622. As I  told those who have been in touch, I'm waiting to hear further from Allan about how best to give effect to the generous offers. Thanks again.

Dear Peter
.. and I would like to offer a tiny sum. You can put us down for $200. Anything to help this man who has been so disgracefully treated. This piece of injustice has echoes of the Dreyfus case. I know how underhand and self-serving the Labor government was from my experience with the.... But this beats the lot! Please send Allan our best wishes for the future. If there is anything else we can do, some practical help, let us know.
... passed on your note. Put me down for $100. Small world. We have a place at Mt Victoria and I wandered down for a coffee on Friday.  A local woman told me his house was gone, asked me if I knew him and reminded me he'd been a whistleblower....Poor fellow.  When you're hot you're hot.


Dear Mr Timmins,

We would like to help with a donation - can you let us know how to go about it? Thanks and all the best,


Hello Peter Timmins,

Both my wife and I were moved by your Oct. 18th blog regarding the loss of Allan Kessing’s house in the horrific fires the other day.  We would like to donate a modest amount of money to help Allan to recover from this latest blow, especially after being reminded of how awful he has been treated in the past when he endeavoured to reveal the truth about goings-on at Sydney Airport.  Please get back to us with a method whereby we can send some money.

Thank you.....
As a fellow Australian - and * Australian Conscientious Whistleblower - I ' Was Also ' Devastated ' to hear ' the news about the latest misfortune of Alan and his fellow victims of these Destructive Bushfires.  As has frequently occurred throughout the history of this country - that ' inevitable & invincable ' Aussie Spirit - will ' Shine Through ' and ' Overcome Adversity ' - the Heartfelt thoughts and good wishes of their fellow Australians ' Are With Them All '
... PS I am not currently in a financial position ' to help ' at the moment - but eventually ' I would like to help ' in ' any way ' I can . . .


Let me know how a donation can be organised please when you are ready.
Count me in for $100.

Hi Peter

Count us in for a couple of hundred.


Hello Peter
I would like to assist - I can send $100.00 on 1November - can I send it direct to you. Thanks

Good morning Peter

I would like to contribute. Just Tell me how. Does he need clothes? What size is he I can clean out my husbands wardrobe (long over due). All good clothes his girth has unfortunately grown, as has mine.


Hi Peter
I was sorry to hear of Allan Kessing's loss of his home due to the bushfires.  I would like to be able to assist him in some way and would like to know where to send a donation. This poor man has had a run of bad luck but his resilience is something to be admired.


Thanks for this Peter. Any thoughts on what Allan would find helpful?


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