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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Queensland information Commissioner

I didn't see any media release but a reader noticed the First Assistant Information Commissioner has been appointed Information Commissioner in Queensland:
Rachael Rangihaeata has "extensive experience and expertise to the position having held senior leadership positions across all functions of the Office of the Information Commissioner since 2005, including Acting Information Commissioner.  Rachael led the OIC Implementation team responsible for establishing new OIC functions and providing extensive information and training resources for public sector agencies when the Right to Information Act 2009 and the Information Privacy Act 2009 were introduced. Rachael has also worked in various roles within the Queensland State and Commonwealth public service, primarily in strategic and legislative policy. Prior to her appointment Rachael held the position of First Assistant Information Commissioner since 2006, and most recently led the Assistance and Monitoring functions of the Office.
It took 13 months to fill the position. 

Best wishes to the commissioner and Queenslanders all.

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  1. Anonymous12:11 am

    Hello Peter,
    Thankyou for creating this blog on FOI matters.

    Yes, Queensland was over a year without an appointed Information Commissioner, after Julie Kinross left the position in August 2012. The OIC website notes that Rachel was appointed in September 2013.

    And Clare Smith and Jenny Mead have been re-appointed as RTI Commissioner (shared role).

    However, as yet a Privacy Commissioner has not been appointed; after more than two years without one. Mr Lemm Ex acted in the role for 2 years, and now Clare Smith is acting in the role.

    The Information Privacy Act (under which the Privacy Commissioner is appointed) clearly states that "there is to be a Privacy Commissioner" (s141) "appointed by the Govenor in Council" (s144); and that someone may be appointed to act in the role only during a vacancy or absence/inability of the appointed Privacy Commissioner (s152). Such a long period without an appointed Privacy Commissioner appears to be contrary to the requirements of the Act.

    A Reader