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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We're Seven!

Seniors moment- missed Open and Shut's seventh anniversary last week.

2700 posts since February 2006.

'Such is life' or should that be 'get a life' ?


  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on seven years of comprehensive commentary on such a wide range of issues concerning openness (or lack thereof). Always thought-provoking, frequently entertaining, and wonderfully informative. Thank you for doing the legwork to enable the rest of us to keep up to date. Here's to another 7 years (during which, sadly, you probably won't have time to get a life while keeping up with the continuing sagas).

  2. Tx Megan. Seven more years? Feast or famine? Peter.

  3. 2700 - my goodness!!! That's a lot of work, I hope you have your archives backed up? Happy Blogday for last week Peter! I have always really enjoyed reading Open and Shut because I learn something new every time.

  4. Thanks Magnet-glad to hear you are still out there.

  5. Congrats Peter - recently becoming involved in FOI - the blog has been very informative, enjoyable, thought provoking and useful - keep up the good work