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Friday, June 15, 2012

Australian Press Council goes for quality.

Professor Julian Disney's term at the Australian Press Council has been marked by efforts to try to get ahead of the council's critics, and clean up media self regulation to the extent possible before the case for government hopping further into the game becomes compelling. The Australian reports two moves in this direction. The appointment as public members of the council of the highly respected Andrew Podger (mentioned here a few times over the years including as one of our best when it comes to knowing how government works and should work) and Philippa Smith, a one time Commonwealth Ombudsman, and many other things beside. And a new executive Director, Linda Matthews, formerly Queensland Privacy Commissioner.

 Not sure when Mathews left the job in Queensland-nothing on the Information Commissioner's website and this may be old news but "Lemm Ex, Principal Privacy Officer, Office of the Information Commissioner is currently the Acting Privacy Commissioner."

The appointments were an important step in strengthening the Council, said chairman Julian Disney. "We are greatly looking forward to working with Andrew Podger and Philippa Smith and to the major contribution which Linda Matthews will make to the operations of the Council," he said.


Like to be a fly on the wall at Holt St when news filtered through that Mathews with a strong privacy protection background was to join the ranks on 9 July. And at APC meetings when privacy issues are on the agenda. New and differerent perspectives, anyone?

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