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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TGA "partial release" destined for the classic file

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has something of a reputation for lack of transparency, and was the subject of a review into practices by former ombudsman Professor Dennis Pearce. The Government is yet to respond to the report's recommendations. Two Freedom of Information disclosures by the TGA appear on the Disclosure Log of its parent department Health and Ageing, which otherwise seems to include some interesting material. The TGA documents concern an application for approval in 1966 (254-1011) and another document (261- 1011) released in response to a request for "Sponsors on the ARTG and the number of Infringement Notices and Enforceable Undertakings issued by the TGA." Take a look.

This passed muster as a "partial release."  Thanks to a reader for the tip.

Apparently a further review  is underway at the TGA into packaging and labelling disclosures.

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