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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Open and Shut among the top twenty law blogs

Thanks to Lawyers Weekly for alerting me to Open and Shut's appearance in a top 20 Australian law blogs list compiled by Twosteps, a legal job site. Seeing that I don't regard the blog simply as a law blog and they only listed 13, you might think there can't be many out there or the competition wasn't so hot in any event  Selflessly mind you and at risk of losing my toehold next time, below the Twosteps roll call are others who might have a claim.

AUSTRALIAN LAW BLOGS in alphabetical order:

Criminal justice in South Australia, by the Senior Partner at Lipson Chambers. Adelaide's leading Criminal Defence specialist law firm.

This blog is designed to communicate with international law firms seeking a reliable source of information and commentary on Australian Trade Marks. The platypus is adopted as our masthead because the platypus - like Australian Trade Marks Law (and the Australian version of English) - can seem odd at first encounter. 

Written by Bruce Arnold, this blog covers legal or other issues that have caught his attention, expressions of opinion, works that he’s reading and miscellaneous "stuff".

Written by NSW solicitor Andrew Bland covering employment issues.

Crime at the Coalface gives the reader a look into the professional life of a criminal lawyer Craig Borg of Kells The Lawyers, his trials and tribulations, his exploits and insights as he acts for clients and appears before the courts of New South Wales. Follow on Twitter @CrimeCoalFace

A blog specialising in technology and intellectual property law, management and commercialisation. Follow on Twitter @noricd

Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under. Written by Warwick Rothnie, a barrister practising mainly in intellectual property, trade practices, telecommunications and general commercial law in Australia. Follow on Twitter @wrothnie

LawFont is a group blog dedicated to discussing issues with a tech and law flavour. Because of the nature of the subjects, and the bloggers, the discussion often flows into economics, policy, and the occasional bit of pure geekiness. All of the contributors work in the law, with some element of tech mixed in. The blog reflects our multi-jurisdictional interests, too.

This blog takes an interest in all issues associated with Freedom of Information (FOI) and privacy legislation in Australia. It also includes comment about open transparent and accountable government and privacy issues generally drawing on developments in Australia and overseas.

A blog that speaks freely about law, politics and the internet. Written by Peter Black – Senior Lecturer in Law at Queensland University of Technology, Political commentator, Dynamic thinker. Follow on Twitter @peterjblack

Stephen Warne on professional negligence, regulation and discipline around the world.

Real estate news, legal issues, consumer alerts, plus general information and commentary on matters affecting real estate in Australia.

I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001. Blog by Paul Brennan, Lawyer, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia – he adds to the list every couple of weeks and has almost reached 101.

Those that I think could round out a top law blog field, in no particular order are:
David Cormack Queensland Barrister direct
Lucy Line's The Professional Lawyer
Victorian law at Quis Custodiet Ipso Custodes
Stephen Page's Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog-and his Australian Divorce Blog 
On the High Court  The Lamp Post - but no posts since February.
Queensland Law Society's Australian Lawyer's Ethics
Helen Dale and others at Scepticlawyer 
Club Troppo where the law gets a run  with all sorts of other stuff
The crew at Justinian who supplement Richard Ackland's excellent magazine.
And David Jacobson's Australian Regulatory Review


  1. Nice! Congratulations on the appearance! You can make it even higher, I'm sure. :)

    call Australia

  2. I saw O+S in the email from the Lawyers Newsletter, and I thought of posting about it but you beat me to it. Congratulations. I like the content on Blade's blog but the most recent post that I can locate is 2008?!
    Lawyers' Ethics has good posts and I think that those you chose are more readable than those on the list!

  3. Thanks-we might need to start a 'best' list of our own. Peter.

  4. Great work, I've been reading Open and Shut for a while- and it's well deserved. Although it sounds biased (well it is), but I think you should add Family & The Law should be on this list.

  5. Great work! Good list of all important Australian law blogs!!