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Friday, November 20, 2009

Big Brother 2009

If you haven't seen them, The Australian Privacy Foundation Big Brother Awards returned this month after a couple of years break. Now these results emerged from the combined wisdom of those who showed up at functions in Sydney and Canberra on the night. Nevertheless, Orwells for significant invasions or disregard for privacy went to: Automated Number Plate Recognition as implemented by Australian Police Forces in combination with CrimTrac; Google’s Street View; The Biometrics Institute; Telstra; and The National Electronic Health Transition Authority. A special “People’s Choice” award was given to the NSW Government for its proposal for automatic electoral enrolment based on the use of personal information collected for other unrelated purposes.

On a more positive note Carolyn Bond (of the Consumer Action Law Centre, Victoria) and Kathryn Lane (of the Consumer Credit Legal Service, NSW) were recognised for consistent advocacy for the privacy rights of consumers in relation to credit reporting.

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