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Monday, June 29, 2009

Media organisations clash over FOI reform

Mark Day in The Australian reports on a power struggle within the Australian Press Council partly prompted by a clash over the APC's role and the belief by publishers that it was straying from its mission:
"that increasing resources were being spent on annual state-of-the-media reports and developing policy on issues such as privacy, freedom of information and government secrecy. When the APC and the publishers' new lobbying group The Right to Know clashed on recent government proposals for FoI reform, RTK welcomed the moves, the APC said they did not go far enough and government officials asked which industry voice they should listen to."
They're both right- the Federal reforms were welcome but didn't go far (or fast) enough. On NSW reforms ARTK appears not to have made a submission but the APC managed a view or two. In Queensland on the other hand ARTK was busy- the Premier made a special point in Parliament of singling them out for mention for their contribution.

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