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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cabinet committees disclosed-earth does not move.

In April a Queensland academic reported no luck in getting information about Federal Government cabinet committees. Last week when asked in Senate Estimates Cabinet Secretary John Faulkner was happy to oblige:

"Senator MINCHIN—Can I ask the minister if the government has formally published a list of all cabinet committees and their membership?
Senator Faulkner—I am not sure whether it has been published, but I am certainly happy to provide it for you if you would like.....I will just read it into the record. The committees are: Expenditure Review Committee; National Security Committee; Parliamentary Business Committee; strategic budget committee; climate change, water and heritage committee; social inclusion committee; Indigenous affairs committee; economic development and international competitiveness committee and the COAG committee—it is nine in total." (Senate Estimates
Finance and Public Administration 26 May.)

The Hansard indicates Senator Faulkner then tabled a document listing membership of each, so if you show up at the Table Office in the Senate in Canberra during business hours you can ask to see it.

Rather than this information being made available, selectively, depending on who asks who, couldn't they just put this up on the web for anyone interested to see?

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