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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

2020 Governance discussion could prove challenging for the Chairs

Phillip Adams, a participant in the Governance Group at the 2020 Summit, tells us today that he didn't apply, didn't know he'd been nominated by anyone else, and didn't hear a word from anyone until he read his name in the paper on Saturday. He says he'll now have to think about the topic, but as he usually goes to sleep in meetings of this kind, his participation may be limited. All tongue in cheek, we hope.

Adams tells us it's a good thing that one of his frequent correspondents on Late Night Live on Radio National, the previously under recognised Queenslander Bridie Jabour, also has a spot in the governance discussion.

Maybe. Bridie (my research showed her to be a student at Bond University) in a column today in the Gold Coast Bulletin tells us that among the issues she plans to raise include better opportunities for students from rural areas, changing the whole education system, saying goodbye to Lizzie Windsor, drinking treated water and fixing the health care system. Bridie says she knows there will be a lot of older people there who will think they know better so she plans to:
"give a short talk about how Australia's future rests on higher taxes for the rich and leave the oldies to fight it out among themselves while the rest of us get on with the task of changing the world".
Co Chairs John Hartigan and Maxine McKew may have their hands full keeping Adams awake and keeping Bridie on the topic.

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