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Friday, November 02, 2007

More information needed on ALP Information Policy

Analysis of the ALP's Information Policy Statement, yesterday by Matthew Moore in the Sydney Morning Herald, and today by Rick Snell in The Australian, concludes that not enough detail has been provided about the proposed changes and how they will work - the timeframe for action, what recommendations from the 1995 Australian Law Reform Commission Report will be implemented, steps to ensure the independence and clout of the Information Commissioner, etc. etc.

While Federal Labor sees merit in the Information Commissioner model, Labor in government in Western Australia has legislation before the Parliament that would remove their Commissioner's powers to undertake merits review of decisions to refuse access.

Then there is the question of resources.

The Prime Minister has foreshadowed a statement during the campaign of the Government's FOI reform plans.

The Attorney General and the Shadow Attorney General debate the legal issues on Tuesday at 9am at NSW State Parliament, so some of you may want to put aside the form guide for the Melbourne Cup for an hour or so and hear what they have to say.

Only three weeks to go folks........

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