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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

FOI best memory for ABC boss

In this profile piece in The Australian Magazine at the weekend (Scott of the ABC), Caroline Overington gives us all we ever wanted to know about the Managing Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Mark Scott, including his affection for FOI.

Overington, in the course of the interview, asked him what was his biggest achievement in his previous incarnation at the Sydney Morning Herald where he had been Education Editor, then News Editor, Editor in Chief of Metropolitan Newspapers and Editorial Director. The betting from a former colleague who put Overington up to this, was that it would have to be the coverage of the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

The surprise answer?

"When I was doing the education round, I put in a lot of FOI (freedom of information) requests. There was a lot of information on school performance that had never been made available to parents. We were able to get that information in the newspaper".

Good to know that FOI has a friend in the top job at the ABC.

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