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Monday, April 24, 2006

Victorian privacy materials

The Victorian Privacy Commissioner's website has useful, up to date material on a wide range of privacy issues. Posted on 18 April is a copy of the latest edition of Privacy Aware (which includes a summary and comment on the NSW ADT case about the use of an official camera to take non work related photographs, the subject of an earlier blog on 15 March) and on 20 April a new Information Sheet on who is covered by Victoria's Information Privacy Act. The list makes interesting reading when compared with the scope of the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act - ministers and state owned corporations are not covered in NSW and the Police Service is exempt in respect of its policing functions.

Perhaps the NSW Law Reform Commission which has now been asked to examine the adequacy of NSW laws (see earlier blog ) will enlighten us on any special reasons for these NSW exemptions.

The Victorian Privacy Commissioner, not limited on jurisdictional issues regarding the Police has an investigation under way into Police disclosures of information which is the subject of a story in today's Herald Sun.

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