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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Things are crook in Crookwell

Sir Humphrey would be proud of this effort.

The Crookwell Gazette reports the difficulties facing the Upper Lachlan Shire Council in dealing with FOI applications: two applications in January and unless these things stop "its likely to have a direct impact on other large jobs such as the Taralga Sewer Scheme and the Frail Aged Facility". (They're probably dealing with more than two requests but we just could'nt resist this).

This report suggests that some of the councillors have a pretty good understanding of the need for transparency and accountability, as does the apparent applicant, the Gunning Sustainable Development Association.

Council staff might need a refresher on Council obligations under the Local Government Act and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (not to mention the FOI Act) to disclose documents relevant to development control matters.

We don't get to see too many local and regional newspapers but if there are any more gems like this one out there we'd love to hear.

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