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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Senate Committee hearing on FOI Reform bill

The transcript of the Senate Committee hearing on Freedom of Information Reform legislation in Melbourne on 15 February has been published although not as of now up on the Committee page. All witnesses  highlighted areas that warrant further consideration, or raised questions about why other changes had not been included. There were some questions from committee members on areas of possible interest but I wouldn't be at all confident we struck much of a chord. Somewhat ominously NSW Labor Senator Cameron, who together with Victorian Labor Senator Ryan appeared to be the only member other than Chair Senator Polley from Tasmania. to stay throughout all the evidence at both hearings, asked every witness whether they supported the bill even if no changes were made. We all individually said yes. My guess is this fact will feature prominently in the report due on 16 March. Even though there is plenty of room for warranted improvements.

But I'm still open to surprises.

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