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Monday, October 30, 2006

Medical practitioners concerns about privacy laws

Privacy laws and their impact on the health sector are one of the key areas for attention in the Australian Law Reform Commission Issues Paper on privacy laws. Chapter 8 highlights the overlap, duplication, inconsistencies and gaps that arise, particularly for private sector health providers in NSW and Victoria who are subject to both the Federal Privacy Act and the state health privacy legislation. There are also major problems for those engaged in health research.

In this article in The Australian the President of the Australian Medical Association, identifies some of key concerns of medical practitioners.

In this article "Policing privacy" there is an update on developments in the NSW E-Health pilot project. Privacy concerns apparently led the head of the Hunter Urban Division of General Practice and most of his regional colleagues to not particpate in the Hunter trial.

There will be many voices and views on these issues as the Commission embarks on the consultation phase of its project.

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