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Thursday, July 26, 2012

UK committee stands with FOI, withstands blowback

Despite Tony Blair's preference to go down as a "nincompoop" rather than the courageous leader for introducing freedom of information in the UK, and all sorts of concerns from current and former ministers and senior public servants, the House of Commons Justice Committee concluded FOI has been worth the effort:
(Chairman Sir Alan) Beith said the legislation had enhanced Britain's democratic system and made public bodies more open, accountable and transparent: "It has been a success and we do not wish to diminish its intended scope or its effectiveness"..
The Committee's Conclusions and recommendations are here.

The Campaign for Freedom of Information which sensibly has stood guard and sought to protect the act and the principles that underpin it, rather than fade into the sunset thinking the job was done years ago, generally welcomed the report-with a sigh of relief I imagine.

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