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Monday, July 30, 2012

Privacy and press freedom to do what you like

I've just updated-retracted-my comment last Wednesday that you won't read about media invasions of privacy in The Australian as follows:
(Further Update: on 30 July prompting my strike-through in the heading to this post, Amanda Meade in the Media Section of The Australian wrote extensively about the family's complaints to the regulators and plans to take legal action against Seven, WIN and The Illawarra Mercury over their coverage of 13-year old Molly Lord's death. Avenues being explored included trespass, intentionally inflicting emotional harm, breach of confidence and breach of privacy. Space was also given to Molly's father to detail the invasion of privacy by reporters photographers and camera crew.

But will OZ Legal Affairs track down News Limited lawyer Jason Quill for a quote to remind as he has in the past, that there is no existing right to legal action for breach of privacy, and any move to create one by statute would strangle freedom of speech?)
Late addition: Media Watch tonight canvassed the issues as well.

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