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Thursday, January 14, 2010

WA leads on ANPR- privacy doesn't rate a mention

This breathless recent report in The Australian about the Western Australian Police leading the nation in the wonders of Automated Number Plate Technology, failed to mention the fact that ANPR won the Orwell Award for the most invasive technology at the Australian Privacy Foundation Big Brother Awards. Or the fact that the state is one of two Australian jurisdictions that doesn't have a general privacy law that applies to the public sector. The Information Privacy Bill described by the APF as extremely weak has been  before the WA Parliament since March 2007, and hasn't moved in the Legislative Council since December of that year. Therefore the technological marvel of instant access by the Police to a wide range of information about you held by government agencies when they photo your numberplate, highlighted as a great plus all round in The Australian, doesn't amount to any sort of problem at all.

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