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Friday, January 22, 2010

Minister reiterates open government commitment

Special Minister of State Senator Joe Ludwig gives this positive assessment of Federal Government achievements and plans for open government in Fairfax publications today. There's room for qualifiers on some of what he says-a couple of the printed comments suggest pigs are flying - but in the spirit of a new year, and Australia Day, it's a welcome restatement for the record of the commitment to "restore trust and integrity in the use of Commonwealth Government information, promoting a pro-disclosure culture and protecting the public interest through genuine reform". The Minister didn't mention submissions to a Senate Committee on the Government's proposed reform legislation close on 28 January.


  1. Reform Now12:51 pm

    Unfortunately there is little evidence that the government is committed to transparency and accountability in government. Whilst the FOI senate inquiry is a good thing, why are there so few submissions posted on the website?

  2. Peter Timmins3:22 pm

    The "consultation" as managed by the Government, and now this process in the Parliament, has all been about draft legislation-meaning its largely been a boffins exercise. And the time of year sure isn't conducive to public input into the process. I hope to have something in by Thursday.