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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not just ASIO

From The Australian:
"Perth barrister Malcolm McCusker QC has taken up the fight of accused war criminal Charles Zentai for no fee in an attempt to help the 88-year-old avoid extradition to Hungary.
Mr McCusker's first task will be to argue in the Federal Court for access to the unedited documents on which Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor based his extradition ruling in the case. Mr O'Connor ruled last November that Mr Zentai was eligible for extradition on war crimes charges, but his office has told Mr Zentai the departmental documents in the case cannot be completely released due to legal professional privilege.
Mr Zentai's legal team has only an edited version of the 60-page document.
"We need to at least know what the reason was behind the minister's decision," Mr McCusker said. "They're refusing to give it to us . . . so much for open government."

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