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Friday, November 20, 2009

Victorian FOI reform still a long way off

Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu announced yesterday plans to overhaul Freedom of Information if elected at next year's state election, with more proactive disclosure, an FOI Commissioner to be appointed to oversight and lead on standards and to undertake what is now internal review, etc. No change from the current 45 day processing time, which strikes many of us as some sort of bad joke. Overall skimpy on the detail, and I know what you are thinking- the de riguer general "I'm for change" position we hear from parties in opposition. According to The Age, the Government, still sticking to it's no fundamental change guns, could only manage this in response from the Attorney General:
''I'm not going to take advice from a bloke on issue of probity and the like who still refuses, as Leader of the Opposition, to put his very large share portfolio into a blind trust.'' Mr Baillieu said he had complied completely with disclosure requirements about his shareholdings.
You've got to love them!

As to Baillieu's chances of winning next year, you will currently get good odds.

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