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Thursday, December 14, 2006

White flour keeps rising

The great "white flour" mystery continues.

Foreign Minister Downer, in a letter published earlier this week, indignantly dismissed the Sydney Morning Herald allegation that he and the Prime Minister had deliberately exaggerated the claim that white powder - that turned out to be flour - sent to the Indonesian Embassy last year, at the height of the Schapelle Corby drama, was a "biological agent".

Today, Matthew Moore Sydney Morning Herald FOI Editor, gives a full account of his attempts to access documents that provided the basis for public statements - including the Prime Minister's labelling the act as "murderous criminality". The post on his blogsite includes the text of emails between him and ministerial press officers during his inquiries about the matter over the last few weeks.

All could be resolved if the Government let the documents speak for themselves - so far it's the only one to see the crucial Protective Services Coordinating Committee briefing note.

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