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Friday, November 03, 2006

Study shows Australia needs privacy review

It's no wonder the Australian Law Reform Commission is conducting a "Review of Privacy". Looks like we really need it if you consider our ranking in the world.

In a study from Privacy International that ranked countries on various privacy-related issues Australia proved wanting. Which coutries had a written constitution with specific mention of privacy, the use of ID cards, electronic surveillance cameras, access of law-enforcement agencies to private data, surveillance of travel and financial transactions, and global leadership in promoting privay, were just some of the many issues considered.

Australia was placed 24th overall out of 37 countries. Our neighbour across the Tasman (where a review of privacy legislation is also being conducted) rated 18th.

Congratulations must go to Germany in 1st place and Canada 2nd.

Thanks to David Fraser for bringing this item to our attention .

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