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Friday, November 17, 2006

Victorian election - FOI reform commitments

According to The Age, "Libs pledge overhaul of FOI system", the Victorian Opposition is committed to FOI reform, including the establishment of an FOI Commissioner to handle complaints and review decisions, and to enforce a code of professional standards for the handling of FOI applications. This is an update on our previous election blog.

As we have noted before, every opposition party running for office in any Australian election makes these sort of noises. So while a commitment to reform is a good thing, it's a first step in a very long journey that often gets sidetracked the moment they arrive in office.

The Bracks' Government - likely to be re-elected - isn't saying anything.

The party that probably would do something about FOI is Stephen Mayne's "People Power" party running candidates in the Victorian election for the first time. Its Governance policy, "Cleaning up politics" is a good read ( download policy ) and the sort of thing that any informed voter would support but I'm afraid its chances of seizing power are about as good as mine - and I don't even live in Victoria.

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