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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Australian data security breaches swept under carpet

A visiting US expert is reported in the Sydney Morning Herald to have said that data security breaches are likely to occur every day in most big Australian organisations, but are swept under the carpet and may not even be brought to the attention of senior management.

Dr. Larry Ponemon says the law in Australia should require notification to those affected.

We first drew attention in June to what seemed at the time an enormous contrast between the almost daily disclosures of data security breaches in the US and the relatively little public information about what happens here.

Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner Karen Curtis has lent her support to such a disclosure requirement and the Australian Law Reform Commission issues paper (question 4-35) seeks feedback on this option.

Dr. Ponemon doesn't entirely dismiss the proposed Australian National Access Card on privacy grounds and makes some comments about the growing use of Radio Frequency ID.

Telstra has been criticised by the Australian Council for Civil Liberties for its use of RFID devices to track service vans. I'm sure they're aware of the NSW Workplace Surveillance Act - while it mightn't apply to Telstra as a Federal Government business enterprise, it could be a new world come privatisation.

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