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Friday, February 01, 2013

Good government an issue in 2013?

With possibly 225 days to go, scandal the headline from Canberra and Sydney and both leaders saying "trust me", you never know. 

Not that Tony Abbott at the Press Club yesterday did any better than the Prime Minister the day before on this front. Neither at this stage sees the need for a good government agenda or plans or initiatives regarding integrity, accountabilty and transparency, parliamentary reform and increased public participation. And perhaps wonder why voters don't take them seriously on the "trust me" plea.

The Abbott speech included just a nod to democracy and the people:
Government is important – my colleagues and I are in the parliament because it matters and because we care about our country – but, in a democracy, the people must come first. My colleagues and I want to reach out to all the decent people of our country to reassure you that government can have your best interests at heart – rather than just its own survival.
 The  Q&A didn't take things further.

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