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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tale of two conferences

I've been remiss in not publicising this free search conference organised by Accountability Roundtable in Melbourne next Tuesday 4 December "Integrity in Government - A Work in Progress" with a stellar cast of speakers. Disappointed I can't make it but get along if you can. Keynote Speaker Senator John Faulkner might have time to explain the whys and where-fors of his announcement as Special Minister of State in 2009 that the Australian Law Reform Commission was to be asked to examine whether the Freedom of Information Act should be extended to the private sector, an idea that disappeared along with him when he went on later that year to become Minister for Defence.

Not free ($950) but also of interest The Privacy in the 21st Century Conference organised by the Communications Law Centre in Sydney on Friday 7 December featuring Lord Leveson, Malcolm Turnbull and plenty of others.

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