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Thursday, November 08, 2012

OGP fits with our interest in supporting spread of democratic practices

Jakarta Post
The Prime Minister is in Bali co-chairing the Democracy Forum attended by 11 heads of state or government and delegates from 80 countries or international organisations. In her opening remarks Prime Minister Gillard outlined how Australia supports democratic practices and speaks out for democratic values, noting
 "Where political speech is free, decision-making is transparent and open and the views and aspirations of citizens find a voice."
Good democratic stuff. 

Clearly we support the idea of transparent, effective and accountable governments with institutions that empower citizens and are responsive to their aspirations. Exactly what the 57 countries that have signed on to the Open Government Partnership are on about.

But not a word from the PM in Bali about our intentions-intermittently over the last year the word "considering" has passed official lips but that's all.

My compelling case for an announcement of our intention to stand with Indonesia and others on this proved, well, non-compelling.

Pity. Maybe someone will twig that the OGP fits with other global and regional interests including support for the EITI. Oh, here's a chance - as a result of an invitation from Foreign Minister Carr, we're hosting that global conference in Sydney in May 2013.

We live in hope. 

Update: There isn't any doubt of course that Australia supports the spread of democratic practices- for further staunch words see the PM's joint press conference and this Media Release while in Bali. The only doubt (but unfortunately not much of that) is where we stand on the OGP.

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