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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Queensland developments

Premier Newman has no intention of winding back or scrapping the RTI Act despite comments at the weekend by Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie that too much public scrutiny was scaring away future politicians-we all knew he was kidding, didn't we? But who knew about the statutory review of the RTI act? It escaped me until the Attorney mentioned it. This report says it began in July last year. From a quick browse it seems to have escaped those responsible for the Department of Justice website and the OIC website as well. Public consultation and engagement part of the process? (I think I did see a reference to an issues paper coming soon.) 

The Premier will publish his appointments diary next week to be followed in this by ministers next year. And in what will be a welcome first for Australia but a step in the right direction, publication of agency lobbyist registers which record contact with lobbyists is also coming by the sound of it-with the government giving it a political twist, why not dig out Labor's old ones as well?

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