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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ACT FOI reform

Since last visited in June, summaries of ACT cabinet outcomes (brief and to the point, but hey, better than nothing and a lot better than most jurisdictions that don't do anything like this) are being posted here. And Greens Leader Meredith Hunter gets media attention for plans to "move a motion in the Legislative Assembly calling for a review and change of the laws around public interest disclosure, freedom of information and complaints handling."

An Assembly committee started looking at the Territory Freedom of Information Act, now 22 years old and basically untouched since, in 2008, and a report was tabled in March 2011, but the report hasn't rated a mention let alone a government response since.
(Update: The Canberra Times reports a government commitment to whistleblower protection reform-and on FOI a  government response to that committee report.)

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