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Friday, July 01, 2011

NSW Privacy investigates, but what happened to the Commissioner?

I can't recall the previous report of an own motion investigation by the NSW Privacy Commission-years perhaps?-but Acting Commissioner McAteer's report on a breach of security data at the University of Sydney (which also attracted media coverage) suggests a new and much needed willingness to take a closer look at how NSW agencies are complying with the law. I don't think there's been an audit of agency compliance in the 11 years of operation of the privacy act either. And while on the subject, it's now eight months since applications for the position of Privacy Commissioner closed. Sure it's been a tumultuous time in government in NSW since, the O'Farrell team has only been there since March, the merger of the information and privacy commission offices followed by a general public service restructure may have both  involved some upheaval, and any proposed appointment is subject to approval by a parliamentary committee. But eight months??investigation report

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