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Friday, May 06, 2011

NSW lobbyists may need to multiskill

Things got even bleaker for the lobbying industry in NSW this week, after the Assembly passed the Lobbying of Government Officials Bill. Here's Premier O'Farrell answering a question on notice from Opposition Leader Robertson later in the day:
"But I do have some absolute bad news for people in this House and outside this House, for businesses in this State, and anyone else who believes that by employing a lobbyist they are going to get better access to my Government or get an inside run on a decision, a tender or anything else, that they are wasting their money. Those days are over. There will never again be a Hawker Britton operating in this State, an organisation like that established by those closest to the Labor Party and for which the former Government was charged at times—and I will come back to that in another question time—money and resources that ultimately found their way into the election campaigns of State and Federal Labor. It was a complete and utter scam on the taxpayers of this State.

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