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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tasmania, the quietest reform state

The Australian Information Commissioner, Queensland Information Commissioner and NSW Information Commissioner are maintaining variable but reasonable flows of information about implementation of access to information reform activities, and their respective review functions. Communication after all is an essential part of the leadership required to promote the objects of legislation and the needed culture change within agencies. And some outside government are interested observers as well.

But things are quiet in the other reform state, Tasmania, at least from a distance.The Ombudsman has the same or similar functions there under the Right to Information Act. Perhaps there is a lot going on that doesn't rate a mention publicly, maybe it's a resource issue, maybe softly, really softly, is the way to go down there, but...
The Ombudsman’s website has no published review decisions, no information about complaints or review applications received, no other statistics, no audit or investigation reports, no performance measures that agencies will be held to or that apply to the Ombudsman's review functions, no speeches on RTI-or any other RTI-related information since the publication of guidelines and a manual last year, and the announcement of half day workshops once a month.

Comments from Tassie, or elsewhere, welcome.

Correction-thanks to the Queensland reader who tracked down these decisions on review. 
Update- decisions in January and February 2011 have also been posted

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